Hall of Fame

George Wiesinger   May you rest in peace. You are sorely missed old friend.

Current Members

B = Board Wargamer
M = Miniatures Player
Name B M Games
Louis Manios x   ASL, 3Reich, Gamers
Carl Fung x   ASL, Gamers
Gary Andrews x x A&A, Shogun
James Andruk x x SPQR, Red Baron
David Angus x x Everything
Joe Brophy x   A3Reich, Hist,World
Bill Chin x x Men & Machines 1940
Bob Desilva x x CD
Luis Geigel   x Napoleonics, Spearhead
Frank Griebel x x Armati, ACW, Napoleonics
James "Ehhh" Grotto x x Anything with Tanks
Edmund Harmon x x Red Baron, Terrible Swift Sword
Jim Kelly x   ASL, Europa, Gamers, GBoH
Vinny Musarella x x CD, A&A
Igor Olshansky   x Armati, Guerilla, Warhammer
Walter Somerville x x A3Reich, Panzer Ldr, AH
Peter Stein x   Gamers, AH, Euro Games
Jay Stone x x Gamers, DBM, Napoleonics
Anthony Venturino x x Gamers, A&A
Jason Weener   x Sci-Fi
Louis Gonzales x x Miniatures, Spearhead
Adam Starkweather x   GMT, SPI, WiE
Nick Karp x   PoG, WiE
John Rebori x    
* Gonzalo Pinacho x   ASL