Most guys take up wargaming in High School. You get introduced to the hobby by some weird guy named "Bart" or "Clarence", and after rolling the dice a few times, you get hooked. You buy a ton  of games and by the time you actually start getting good, its time to get a job and the games begin to gather dust in the basement. After a while, you stop playing.

The club was started as a protest to these "normal" turn of events. Our 1600 square foot loft space is dedicated solely to gaming. Nothing else. This is not a church basement or somebody's garage. We have rented out an entire floor of a commercial loft. We have a fridge full of beer. A couch that looks like it survived the battle of Stalingrad, Air Conditioning, a TV and VCR, with a hell of a decent movie library, a small book library, an extensive wargames collection, a dozen tables with which to play our games. For many of us this our haven. A place to gather and play in a stress free environment after a week of dealing with the real world.

About Us:

We are a normal bunch. (ahem...) We have lives, jobs, and families. Our membership is as diverse as it gets. Our members are lawyers, doctors, computer specialists, cops, construction workers, etc We range in age from 18 to 65. Because this is "our" space and many of our schedules are a bit weird, the club is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If you can arrange a game, come in and play.



Joining is fairly simple. Pass by during the weekend and see the club. If you are interested, try to come down on a regular basis. We charge our members $30 a month for dues. This covers our rent, insurance, and utilities. We are not making a profit here, just covering our expenses. After 3 months, if you meet the approval of the membership (i.e., you pay your dues and are not a psycho) we vote you in. Once voted in, you receive a set of keys to the club so you can come and go as you please.


Every three months we have a general meeting. We use these meetings to discuss and vote on club issues. All members can vote and join committees if they care to. We are a libertarian bunch. Everything is done by voting. Once a year we hold general elections and vote for club officers.


Sooo ... if you are interested come on down. The beer is cold and the dice are waiting.