Game Library

The following section contains links and info on some our favorite and oft played games. Even if you are not part of the club, if you wish to either submit links or articles please drop us an email. We'll happily add the material in.

Please be advised that this area is new, far from complete, and under heavy construction. New additions to the site will be notes in the NEWS section of the main page.

For tons of game info, don't forget to visit Grognard.com. The granddaddy of web war gaming sites. For discussions of individual games or game systems, visit Consimworld.

The Counter Project

A lot of the big game companies have died and some of the great games they put out are in danger of fading away as well. The precious little cardboard pieces that make up these games have a habit of "disappearing". Sometimes its our kids, hungry pets, overzealous vacuum cleaners, or just plain bad luck.

Click [Here] for a list of games whose counters we know of.