Getting Oriented

When I first came to Williamsburg ... it was ... how can I put it ... a dump. But in the last two years, what with the huge influx of the artsy types, the dump has become oh so trendy. We used to have to drive 20 blocks to find a decent place to get a sandwich and a brew. Now we have beautiful people type restaurants a couple of blocks away. 

PS. If we see a Starbucks, were moving.


The Right Bank Cafe

Right around the corner from the club, this pub is one of our watering holes. Its a great place to hang. On the weekends its hoping. During the summer the owner does outside barbeques. You can usually find us chilling outside eating monster burgers and scarfing down Brooklyn lagers. 

The Italian Deli

Its right beneath our club. Makes good subs. But its closed Sunday.

Miss Williamsburg Diner

About 6 blocks down from us on Kent. Cool digs, cooler music, and damn good Italian food. A great place to do some mussels. But till they get their liquor license (soon) its BYO.


Its big, has a great view of the city, a well stocked bar, and its across the freakin street. Plus I think Eddy has put some of the bartender's kids through college. Its nice to walk into a place and see the staff jump to attention.


They took over a place where even Lou the cop was afraid to eat ("How can you screw up eggs?") and turned it into a cool place to munch.

Peter Lugers

One of the best steakhouses in America. Its up the avenue from us. I assume its a smart idea to order the steak.