In these articles I will review the figurines I recently acquired (some of them years ago, sounds familiar)? And painted. During the whole process of searching for suitable figures I understood one thing - don't judge figures until you painted them.


These are some of my most recently painted figurines. Some of my Normans are in a process of being painted. All figurines are Old Glory Normans. They came from 3 different packs in Old Glory's Norman range. I highly recommend that you buy as many different packs as you can to insure as many different poses for your troops. You can achieve this by switching horses and riders (You can't do it if you have only one pack). 


Each pack contained 10 horses and riders. The Command pack is really good. It contains William, Odo, musicians and flags for your units. The poses are taken directly from Osprey's Elite Normans. The horses are beautiful and even look like the breeds the Normans used. The men have historically correct armor and well sculpted faces (where they not at times covered by chain mail). All 3 packs contained a nice variety of men with spears and other arms. The fact that you have to drill the holes to put spears in doesn't bother me. By doing so, the spears are more secure and don't break off right away. I have a Dremel electrical drill (highly recommended). There was some flash, which was easy to clean, except between horse's legs. That took a little more effort. 

The major problem in all Old Glory figurines is that 2 parts of the mold are not aligned properly. It's impossible to fix unless you damage the figurine. However, if painted properly it is not very visible. One more thing, on some of the figurines you can see tunic under the mail coat only on one side.

Igor Olshansky