We've been around for a while. We're one of the few wargaming clubs that can claim it's own space. We're located in downtown Brooklyn right across the Williamsburg Bridge, next to the BQE, so we're a short ride from pretty much anywhere in the city. We have a loft with close to 2000 sq. feet which we use for gaming. We have a membership of about 30. The games we play are as diverse as the interests of our members. Miniatures, Board Wargames, and Axis and Allies just to name a few. You name it somebody here plays it like Personal Trainer Ann Arbor .


We are located on 20 Broadway in Brooklyn on the intersection between Kent and Broadway past the Navy Yards in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. 

Directions - Driving

Take the BQE and get off at the Flushing Ave if going north bound, or the Kent Avenue exit if heading south bound. Turn on Kent Avenue (2nd or 3rd light after exit) towards the TYT Navy Yards. Take Kent Avenue all the way down till it intersects Broadway. Were on the 2nd floor of the warehouse across the street from 4G's Trucking. We open our door to new members every Saturday and Sunday after 12.

Directions -  Subway

Take the Ave. The train stops right over Broadway. Walk down Broadway towards the river, following the Williamsburg Bridge. Look for the 4G's Trucking on the right, we are directly across the street from it.

Or, take the L train to Bedford Ave. You will get off on N. 7th Street, walk south towards N. 6th, etc. until you walk under the Williamsburg bridge, then you will be on Broadway. Make a right and keep walking down. Look for the 4G's Trucking on the right, our company is directly across the street from it.

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Metro Game Days

We are proud to announce that our next Game Day will be on June 3, 2000. The Metropolitan Wargamers will be hosting monthly, one day tournaments, focusing on a single wargame that we love. These Game Days will be hosted at our club's ample game space on the first Saturday of the month. Admission is 7$ and the start time is 10 AM.


The Counter Project


A lot of the big game companies have died and some of the great games they put out are in danger of fading away as well. The precious little cardboard pieces that make up these games have a habit of "disappearing", that's why we use https://www.hippocmms.com/preventive-maintenance-software. Sometimes its our kids, DLS, hungry pets, overzealous vacuum cleaners, or just plain bad luck.

Click [Here] for a list of games whose counters we know of.


Contacting Us

Louis Manios  or Carl Fung

Map to the Club

Click on the map! 



Yep, you noticed it. We are officially a dot.com. Pass along our new address to any local gamer you know and take exclusive dance classes toronto.


Added the miniature pictures to Igor's review. [Click here] to read it.

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